Architectural Woodwork

    Because we are a custom fabricator, our products are actually too many to list. We have completed projects using veneers like Australian Lacewood to create three-story walls of inlaid paneling and material like Swiss Pear with Marquetry for registration desks. We also use home grown hardwoods like American Black Walnut pictured to the left as an Arm Rail for a round bar.


   CWC employs highly skilled craftsmen that have the ability to fabricate virtually anything you can imagine from wood. Our engineering department is even made up of craftsmen that know how to design your project so it will last in a commercial application.

Private Restroom Stalls

High End Toilet Partitions
    We now offer a restroom stall construction system that goes from floor to ceiling creating both private and safe restroom stalls. Our Stalls offer much thicker and thus stronger vertical stiles to handle commercial doors and hardware. We also offer partitions that go from floor to ceiling adding the safety and privacy of your guests. Because we are a custom architectural woodworking company, we can manufacture and style custom doors for your distinct restrooms.

Medical Cabinetry and Rail System

    Our Patient Care Modules boast a patented hardware system in a  unique cabinet that houses a toilet and allows the attendant to clean a bed pan as well as wash up afterward. This model is ADA compliant for both its Toilet and Sink fixtures. The Corian Rail System allows facilities to attach many accessories using a simple clip on system.